Each piece is
entirely handmade
and individually designed, giving every piece of Anaczynski jewellery its own
unique value.

Anaczynski Jewellery

was founded by Anne Manaczynski in 2010.

Anne has been manufacturing and designing jewellery for over twenty years.


She has a B-Tech Degree in Jewellery design and manufacture, and is a part-time lecturer for the Jewellery Programme at the Tshwane University of Technology. Her skills include diamond setting as well as two decades of goldsmithing.


She designs and manufactures in the full range of precious metals and all gemstones. She specialises in handwork to create once-off bespoke jewellery pieces, with engagement and wedding rings being the most sought after commissions. She also does re-modelling and repairs of all types of fine jewellery, and has worked both for the trade, as well as her own retail clients.


The Anaczynski Jewellery Filigree Range has developed from a passion for designer filigree/ornate jewellery. These pieces are designed from local inspirations such as the Protea, and are completed in precious metal often combined with a proudly South African indigenous wood. This creates a richly ornate and yet contemporary, South African genre. Another feature of this range is the interchangeability of some pieces to allow for variation in wear ability.

Protea Filigree Earrings

Sterling silver filigree bejeweling African Rosewood carbuncles inlaid with fine silver

Concept Drawings by Anne Manaczynski

Copyright 2019, Anne Manaczynski